Our History

Wellness Grub was founded out of a passion to live a healthy lifestyle and share it with others. Needing to keep up with his demanding work schedule doing executive protection for high profile entertainers and international diplomats, Founder Chris Kingen set out to find 100% organic, nutrient dense, high-energy foods. As a way to share his passion for a healthy way of living, Chris made smoothies and juices for family, friends and clients.

After relocating to Chicago, Kingen’s devotion to help others on a path to feeling well became a reality with help from his friend, Brian Ottmer. Brian spent years learning about nutrition and worked in California making smoothies, juices and other nutrient dense foods. The first Wellness Grub cafe opened in March 2015 at the Equinox Fitness Club in Lincoln Park. By February 2016 the second location opened at 900 Michigan Ave in the Equinox Fitness Club. The most recent shop opened October 2017 at the Equinox Fitness Club in Aventura Mall in Miami Florida. The next cafe to open is in Coral Gables, scheduled to open February 1, 2018 at the Equinox Club in the Shops at Merrick Park.


A Better Juice & Smoothie Experience

We are living through a pivotal point in time – no longer are many of us working predictable schedules with the ability to be active throughout the workday. We are trapped behind desks, huddled over our laptops, on conference calls, lugging suitcases around the world, and getting our kids off to school then taking them to soccer practice. We are getting up earlier and staying at the office later in order to meet increasing demands. In an era where we’ve lost control over so much of our time, and how we spend it, we have found that by controlling the food we put into our bodies we can actually increase our energy, stamina and well-being.

We’ll help you get strong, get going, get well, get inspired – get Grub.

Brands We Carry

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