Athletes And The Benefits of Juicing

By October 8, 2016Activities

Research tells us that a diet rich in brainfood like fruit and vegetables is important for healthy weight management and it can even reduce our chances of developing serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Though essential, some people, especially athletes who need more fuel than the average person, struggle to meet the recommended daily servings. One way to consume multiple servings of fruit and vegetables in one glass is by juicing, so it’s no surprise athletes all over the world are incorporating it into their fitness routines.

Maximum Nutrient Absorption

While fiber is an important part of a healthy diet and found abundantly in plant derived foods, some of it, known as insoluble fiber, can actually hinder the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients much like a clog prevents a sink from draining. The process of juicing fruit and vegetables, transforming them from solid form to liquid, removes the insoluble fiber and allows the easier-to-digest soluble fiber to remain in the glass. This allows the body to absorb more of the important nutrients, enzymes and vitamins than what would be absorbed from eating the food items whole. Because the absorption of key vitamins and nutrients is streamlined, juicing can also help increase your overall energy, boost your immune system and promote weight loss.

why athletes love juicing

More Efficient

Health guidelines state that adults need to consume anywhere between 7 and 13 cups of produce each day, and athletes may need even more to support an active lifestyle and intense workouts. That is a lot of food to have to consume in a day, and it can take hours to prepare and eat nutritionally dense meals. Juicing saves time for athletes and non-athletes alike by condensing the quantity of food to be eaten. A plate full of produce can be transformed into a glass of easy-to-drink, tasty juice. The same is true if you may not typically prefer the taste of beets, for example, because when juicing you can disguise less-than-desirable flavors with ones you love.

Mix It Up

Even though experts recommend frequently rotating the foods you eat to make sure your body is receiving ample nutrition and allergy prevention, people tend to stick to the same few of their favorite fruits and vegetables when they’re eaten whole, as snacks, meals or side dishes. It’s easier to add variety when juicing. For example, if you normally avoid a food because you don’t prefer the texture, that won’t matter once it’s juiced.

why athletes love juicingPre and Post Workout

Depending on the combination of ingredients, fresh pressed juice can be the perfect pre-gym boost or exactly what the body needs to recharge and recover after your workout, giving athletes yet another reason to love juicing.


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