Clean Eating on the Run

By September 18, 2018Featured, Health

With kids back in school and busy work schedules, it means stress levels are high. Luckily, at Wellness Grub we also deliver via apps like Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub. So before you down a bottle of soda or eat a bag of chips, we have a few organic treats to help guide you on a healthy path.

Ditch Energy Shots and Go Natural

It seems everywhere you turn there’s a new energy drink hitting the market.  Have you ever read the ingredients, though? We suggest skipping chemically-infused drinks and instead going all-natural.

One example is the Brain On tonic at Wellness Grub.  This little bottle packs a huge punch, with no sugars or chemicals added.  One of it’s all-star ingredients is Blue Green Algae, which is derived from plant-like organisms found in salt water. This ingredient is used for improving memory, increasing energy and metabolism and lowering cholesterol.

We recommend Brain On for folks about to go into a meeting, starting a long day of work and, yes, college students cramming for their next big test.

This little bottle packs a huge punch, with no sugars or chemicals added.

Pack a Healthy Snack for Your Day

Often, we tend to say it’s okay to eat one unhealthy snack a day.  After all, it’s just one right? But the math is simple. One unhealthy snack a day — that’s five unhealthy snacks per week, and calories add up real quick. If you’ve got a long work day ahead of you, opt for treats like Organic Chocolate Pudding, Carrot Cake Bites, a fresh Kale Salad, the epic Mung Bean Pesto Pasta or Goji Berry Bites.

Allow us to cast a spotlight on of these snacks — the Goji Berry Bites.  It’s no mystery why these little guys are such a popular item at Wellness Grub.  Goji berries have a semi-sweet taste that proves favorable for your taste buds.  They also harbor a high level of antioxidants, which has proven beneficial health-wise.  In addition, they’re high in fiber, protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals including iron, selenium, copper and vitamins A and C.  Several studies have also concluded that goji berries may have positive effects on blood sugar control and – you guessed it – have proven to boost energy levels. Sounds like the perfect lunchtime treat to us, whether at the office or the college courtyard.

Goji berries have a semi-sweet taste that proves favorable for your taste buds.

Treat Yourself to Freshness

There’s no reason freshness should take a backseat when heading through your day.

At Wellness Grub, absolutely all of our juices and smoothies are made fresh daily.  That’s because we believe in using the finest ingredients only.  It’s also why we’ve set up our cafes to feature a grab-and-go section, where a number of juices and smoothies can be found ready to consume, in addition to healthy grub.  Fueling your body with pure, healthy ingredients will have you feeling more upbeat and energetic throughout the day.  Remember, sugar highs are followed by sugar lows.  We understand that’s not ideal for your workday hustle.

Always remember there are always options to go a healthier route. And that includes your school or work lunch.  We’re here to help!

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