Perform Your Best in the Gym with these Pre-Workout Meals

By October 22, 2018Activities, Health, Tips

Ready to hit the gym?

Rule #1: Do NOT workout on an empty stomach.

Rule #2: Do NOT go on a full stomach, either.

And, Rule #3: DO eat specific healthy meals or snacks approximately 1 to 2 hours before your session.  

Need some ideas? Glad you asked.

Peanut Butter

You may have heard that peanut butter is healthy and good for you especially if you like to workout. It’s not a myth.

This chewy treat contains a significant and healthy dose of protein (and protein equals power, and power is what you need to lift those weights or to go for a run.)  It’s also versatile — spread it on a thin wheat cracker or opt for tasty and filling snacks like our Peanut Butter Protein Bites, which also happen to be one of our best sellers.

We recommend 2 of the Peanut Butter Bites before a regular light workout. If you’re pumping things up a bit and plan on doing heavy weights or long cardio for example, then we’d recommend all 4 bites.

Natural Smoothies without the Preservatives or Excessive Sugars

Indulging in an organic smoothie – rich in your favorite fresh ingredients – can help provide you with a very well-balance carb and electrolyte-rich blend. Plus, these smoothies are refreshing and will keep you hydrated so you feel good and energized for the workouts to come.

Our Wellness Grub fans tend to favor our Farm Fresh Smoothie before going full force at the gym.  Loaded with beneficial greens like cucumber, kale and parsley, this drink is packed with Vitamin A and C, giving you the strength and stamina you need for staying physical, focused and energized in the gym.


Wishing you a happy gym session ahead!

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