Why You Should Pack a Green Smoothie to Take to The Beach

By August 7, 2018Activities, Featured
Wellness Grub

You’re packing your cooler, gathering up your towels and flip-flops and are just about ready to hit the beach. Oftentimes, your first idea is to take a fruity drink with you. And sure, why not? Sweet drinks are a great way to satisfy cravings. However, the wrong kind of fruity drink can cause your blood sugar to spike and result in a sugar crash.

This is why we recommend bringing a nutrient-rich green smoothie on your beach trip. Now, you may think taking a smoothie that’s filled with green ingredients and veggies on your beach day is kind of random. But here is why it’s not:

For starters, all our Wellness Grub smoothies are hydrated and packaged in glass bottles so you don’t have to worry about ingesting harmful BPA from plastic bottles or jeopardizing our oceans with single-use plastics. Plus, glass bottles help preserve the great taste of our products.

Second, much of the good stuff that goes in to your green Wellness Grub smoothies carry potential health benefits that we’re sure you’ll enjoy under the sun. Take for instance Spirulina, a cyanobacteria that’s found in favorites like the Green Protein Ultra and the Green Protein Plus smoothies.

This healthy ingredient has been linked to reducing high blood pressure, fighting anemia and improving muscle strength and endurance.


In other words, it’s the perfect treat after putting your body through a long swim.

Other rockstar ingredients that make appearances in our green smoothies are Chlorella, which has been associated with weight loss and anti-aging, and kale, which besides tasting quite delicious is ideal for helping with digestion.

So the next time you decide to head to the water, think twice about what to include in your cooler. A green smoothie is not only a wise choice, but a great way to keep you feeling full, too!

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